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The Nava story….

The Nava story….


Nava Dead Sea Skincare - The People behind the Brand


Fiancés… Sharon & Isaac…


Isaac gave Sharon a Dead Sea Mud Mask as a gift and she said she’d been wanting to start a cosmetics business after she had used the “Australian pink clay” that made her skin breakout in a bad reaction and was looking for natural products. She wanted a product that would give her a at home “Day Spa experience” with instant results of drawing out impurities and skin looking radiant and glowing …


 Isaac had run several businesses before and they both wanted to provide the same “Home Day Spa” experience that Sharon had the first time she used the Dead Sea Mud…then she got Isaac to use it the next day, and he loved it and the results of having clearer skin after the first use (& has been using it every week since!)


We were so passionate about our Dead Sea cosmetic business, that we wanted others to experience the at home Day Spa experience using Nava, that 3 Months later they got married…and launched “Nava Dead Sea Skincare” business 4 weeks after their honeymoon!


The Name NAVA …

“Nava” is a Hebrew girls name that means “Desirable”

Isaac ( יִצְחָק ) “Laughter” in Hebrew

Sharon ( שָׁרוֹן ) “fertile plain” in Hebrew